4 part introduction course for beginners



Learn to play golf

Understanding and Following the basics of this great game of Golf will make it more enjoyable and constantly challenging.

I’m Joel Greenberg, and have been playing golf for the past 40 years. My current handicap Index is 9.8 and I have floated between a 9 and 13 handicap since 1980.

My track record includes 3 x “B” division Stroke play championships and 1 Match play championship. I successfully captained our Steenberg Harry Solomon team to a league victory and was Club Captain of Steenberg from 2014 to 2016.

Golf consists of 4 main components namely

The Physical

Governing how you apply the correct Grip, Stance, Alignment and Balance.

The Contextual

Governing the Rules, Laws and Ethics of the game.

The Mental

Governing how you Think and Apply your mind.

The Spiritual

Governing how you Feel.

Golf Academy Objectives

  1. Entry level golf basic fundamentals.
  2. How to achieve consistent shot making.
  3. Improving accuracy through consistency.

Our Offer

4 x 1 hour sessions at the tokai and steenberg golf clubs culminating in an additional 9 holes of golf to iron out the snags.

Thereafter you will be course ready and can take your game further by visiting your local pro.

Courses are usually in the mornings.

Cost of the Dogleg Easy Golf Basic Mentoring for Beginners Course is R1500.00

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